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Josh Rozairo | Multicultural and Inclusion Lead

AFL NSW/ACT is committed to supporting the rights of people with disabilities to actively engage in all aspects of Australian Football. We are committed to ensuring that opportunities to play the game are accessible to all. Australian football has a strong history of leading and advocating positive and proactive change in community attitudes and social policy. Accordingly the AFL is dedicated to making it easy for people with disabilities to participate in Australian football including playing, coaching, officiating and administrating the game. They offer the Kickability program for children aged 5-17 years, which focus on the development of fundamental movement skills as well as teaching the players basic AFL skills. Further details available on their website.

W: aflnswact.com.au

Athletics NSW

Cheryl Webb | Diversity and Inclusion Leader

There are a range of disability groups eligible to compete within the Australian athletics system as an athlete with a disability. These disability groups are separated into varying classifications to ensure fair competition. Each disability group has a set of minimal disability criteria that an athlete must meet in order to be eligible to compete as an athlete with a disability. Athletes must undergo specific Athlete Evaluation or Eligibility processes to obtain a classification.

W: www.nswathletics.org.au

Blind Cricket NSW

Jason Stubbs | State Coach

Blind Cricket NSW was one of the original Blind Sports Associations in NSW, its rich history mirrors the game in NSW, winning multi National Blind Cricket carnivals throughout its span of nearly 85 years. Blind Cricket is going through a new era and is looking to boost its player numbers across all demographics including youth and women. Cricket is a fun and interactive game which has benefits to team work, communication, health and fitness. Each year Blind Cricket NSW has fun events including Marathon of Cricket hosted by Primary Club of Australia where Blind Cricket NSW plays on the Sydney Cricket Ground against a Primary Club XI team. You will get changed in the Australian Team dressing rooms and experience all the fun of the event. Click on our link and get started on your cricket journey today. 

W: www.blindcricket.com

Blind Golf NSW

Graham Coulton | Secretary

Blind Golf NSW is an association designed to attract everyday golfers who have lost vision and now wish to play with a signed guide caddy to support their love of the game. The association provides support around guides, clubs and are based at Barnwell Park course in Five Dock. The season runs most of the year on a Saturday. Blind Golf NSW also is involved in 'come and try' gala events run by Blind Sports NSW. Keep checking the calendar for these events.

Cycling NSW

Cycling New South Wales is the governing body for cycling competition in New South Wales, with 62 affiliated clubs and over 8,000 affiliated members. It is affiliated with the national body, Cycling Australia. Cycling NSW and clubs offer comprehensive road and track race programmes for various categories of rider, from under 9 years, boys and girls through to men and women in their 60s and 70s.

W: www.cycling.org.au/nsw

Disabled Wintersport Australia

Tom Hodges | Program Coordinator, NSW

DWA is an organisation with a national perspective taking responsibility for development of disability winter sport in Australia. Through building the capability and capacity of a National Sport System, including accountability at the National level, we provide members with technically sound sports programs, policies and service.

W: www.disabledwintersport.com.au

Football NSW (Futsal)

Charlotte Ercil | Game Development Officer - Community

Futsal and Soccer are only just beginning to start gaining momentum in NSW but are quickly becoming very popular with our school and community programs. Right now there is the chance to join our RAIDERS Futsal Team who play in the AWD League 2nd Division competition on Saturdays running early October to February each year. This is a mixed competition for ages 15+ however there are also playing opportunities for ages 14 & under and coaching opportunities.

W: www.footballnsw.com.au/

Netball NSW

Melanie Chapman | Participation Manager

NetSetGo Inclusion for Schools introduces Indigenous students, those with language backgrounds other than English and students with disabilities to the sport of netball. Developed as a modified program for both boys and girls, NetSetGo can be adapted to suit the specific needs and abilities of diverse community groups. The program provides groups with free equipment, session plans and support required for teachers to deliver a quality introductory netball program.

W: www.nsw.netball.com.au/

NSW Goalball

Tyan Taylor | Program Coordinator

NSW Goalball is the recognised State Sporting Organisation that presides over the unique Paralympic sport of Goalball in NSW. Goalball is a sport designed specifically for people with blindness and a vision impairment to develop and improve skills including teamwork, communication, health, fitness and physical movement. The game was founded in Europe after World War 2 and used as a rehabilitation sport for soldiers who were injured in battle. NSW are the current National Champions in Youth competition and ranked 2nd in Women and Junior divisions. NSW Goalball run two school based Gala Day Divisions; being Primary & High School mixed. NSW Goalball runs a Primary & High School knockout competition in Term 3 and outside of school, run a youth/new player league Sydney Metro Cup and a senior state based league Sydney City Cup. Please click on the link to the Goalball website to register for competitions or for more information.

W: www.goalball.com.au

Rowing NSW

Alan Bennett | Sport Development

Rowing New South Wales governs the sport of rowing in NSW. It decides on the rules for racing in NSW, determines boat classes for racing events, sets an annual calendar of regattas, and promotes the rowing in this state. Through the club and school system the sport caters for male and female rowers from elite to novice level including athletes with a disability.

W: www.rowingnsw.asn.au

Sailing NSW – Sailability NSW

Sailability NSW will facilitate participation in sailing and boat usage at social, recreational and competitive levels on inland, estuary and ocean water, for people with disabilities regardless of age and level of disability.

W: www.sailabilitynsw.org

Surfing NSW

Blind Sports NSW held a great first surfing day at Bondi Beach in 2016 and want to follow this up with many more. If you are interested in Surfing or any beach activity, please contact Blind Sports NSW for more information or check our calendar of events to see if a day is scheduled. We work with our friends at LETS GO SURFING who are the best instructors and who are available for private lessons outside of our scheduled days.

W: letsgosurfing.com.au/

Swimming NSW

Vinh Tran | Sport Development and Participation Manager

Anyone can join a swimming club no matter what fitness or ability level they are currently at. Swimming clubs provide the opportunity for individuals to swim recreationally (for fun and fitness), and/or for those who want to swim competitively to achieve their personal best! Swimming NSW offers "Multi Class (MC) swimming" which is a form of competition designed specifically for swimmers with disability. MC events are normal swimming events with some minor modifications to the rules and regulations. In order to compete in MC events swimmers must have an eligible classification. MC events see swimmers with a range of disabilities, from multiple classifications competing in the same race.

W: nsw.swimming.org.au

Swish / Blind Table Tennis NSW

Swish is a version of table tennis for blind or vision impaired participants and is very popular across other states within Australia, particularly Victoria. Blind Sports NSW is looking for participants interested in taking part throughout NSW, as there are a number of tables currently available in existing centres. If you are interested in becoming involved, please contact the Blind Sports NSW team directly.

T-Ball NSW

Aussie T-Ball is dedicated to bringing T-Ball to kids aged 5 – 8 and helping them progress through their club into the great sport of baseball with a solid foundation in the skills needed. They work with clubs to hold a competition for kids that is safe, fun and enjoyable to players and their guests.

W: www.baseballnsw.com.au/aussie-tball

Tennis NSW

Steve Manley | State Inclusion Coach

Tennis is a sport everyone knows and loves but thinks would be too hard for Blind or Vision Impaired people to play. This is not the case as Blind Tennis has recently been introduced to NSW with regular programs to commence in November 2019. Stay tuned on the website calendar for upcoming events and pick up a racquet today to start serving your aces! With adaptions to the ball, court and double or triple bounces, this iconic Aussie favourite can be your next big sporting achievement.

W: www.tennis.com.au/nsw

Touch Football NSW

Touch Football has over 400,000 registered members and an additional 500,000 children participating in school programs and related activities, which places the sport among the top participant based, organised sports in Australia.New South Wales Touch Football (NSWTA) is the official body for the sport and it is the role of the organisation to develop and grow the sport of Touch Football in this New South Wales.

W: www.nswtouch.com.au

Triathlon NSW

Triathlon is a sport on the rise with Paralympics and more people of all ages are discovering this incredible sport. For people who are blind and vision impaired there is no place better to be than in NSW where we currently host the Women & Men World Champions for vision impaired. Blind Sports NSW works closely with Triathlon NSW to welcome participants who have an interest in becoming more involved.

W: www.triathlon.org.au/State_Associations/NSW/NSW_Home