Variety - The Children's Charity supports Blind Sports NSW Cricket

Variety – The Children’s Charity supports Blind Sports NSW Cricket events and activities.

Blind Cricket NSW

Blind Cricket NSW is one of the original Blind Sports Associations founded in New South Wales. Its rich history spans nearly 85 years, tiled with victories in multiple National Blind Cricket carnivals throughout that time. 

Currently, Blind Cricket is entering into its newest era and is looking to boost its participation numbers across all demographics - namely among women and youth. Its primary selling point is simple - Cricket is fun. Its interactive foundation benefits team work and communication while encouraging increased health and fitness in its participants. 

Blind Cricket NSW hosts events throughout each year to help promote the sport and attract participants, including the Blind Cricket Youth Series between Sixers and Thunder. For information on upcoming Blind Cricket events, stay up to date on our website Events Calendar or get in touch with Jason Stubbs by emailing


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