Blind Sports NSW and Disabled Wintersport Australia Host First Winter Sports Camp!

Published Mon 08 Jul 2019

Blind Sports NSW and Disabled Wintersport Australia joined forces to host the first Winter Sports Camp in Jindabyne for Blind Sports NSW members aged 12 and up. The camp took place from Friday 5th - Sunday 7th July with campers having the opportunity to try skiing or snowboarding.

Australian Paralympic skier and Blind Sports NSW Board Member, Melissa Perrine, accompanied the campers over the weekend and was thrilled to see them gain confidence and learn new skills out on the snow. “All in all, it was completely awesome to see these six be introduced to a completely foreign environment for the first time, asked to trust sighted guides that they had never met whilst learning a new skill, and not only doing so, but succeeding with such enthusiasm,” Mel said.

“I honestly can't wait until next camp.”

The campers were also lucky enough to be joined by Paralympians Victoria Pendergast and Patrick Jensen who gave up their time to offer support and encouragement to the campers over the weekend.

Blind Sports NSW would like to thank the guides, volunteers and campers for their involvement and we look forward to hosting more snow camps in the future!